1. Kerri

    Great list! One more thing you can get from current address is an eviction check. Calling current and previous landlords could reveal this, but you got those numbers from your prospective tenant. Are they even really their landlord? I’ve encountered a good scammer or two. Credit check won’t reveal eviction (TransUnion and those guys don’t have rental history reports – they should, but that’s another discussion). Background check won’t reveal eviction. Those are typically state or maybe county based and only report any criminal history. Eviction records are typically held with the city. Call the city of their last 2 places of residence. Ask them if they were ever evicted. It’s public record, you just need to know how to find it.

  2. Pro-tips and red-flags add value to your tenant screening questions. I have read multiple articles on this tenant screening. But I have to say your way of writing is quite different that kept me engaged throughout.

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