1. I once had a contractor who refused to sub out his demo work and billed me at his normal rate. There was some emergency type work that popped up on a job and he fixed it and there was like 10 hours of demo and cleaning billed at like $40-$50 per hour. You better believe he never got hired again! It was infuriating as hell.

    So, like you said, do the demo yourself (or hire a laborer to do it for $10 or $12/hour

    • Domenick

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah. That would be pretty upsetting. It’s impossible to watch everything all the time. For an emergency though, I guess I could let it slide but would definitely think twice about using that contractor again.

  2. I never knew that reusing materials for a remodel can help save one money. Speaking of remodeling, if I wanted a fresh coat of paint on mine, I would ask a professional to do it. Getting their help will complete the new kitchen look.

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